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Our Values

Client Focused

We put our client’s needs first. We focus on understanding your business, being available, staying close and building a strong relationship. We strive to be a valuable source of information for our clients and keeping them up to date with relevant changes in legal or business environment.


We are in a dialogue with a client. LITIGET listens and gets it. Our working mode is adjusted towards our clients’ needs and we are ready to effectively cooperate with the client’s in-house employees or any external experts. LITIGET has worked in a number of flexible modes such as outsourced in-house counsel, lead counsel, legal project management lead. 


LITIGET strives to provide its clients with the best professional service. ”Good enough” is not  an acceptable standard for our services - we work towards “outstanding”. Our team learned from the best - more than 13 years of extensive experience has been gained from the best law firms in the Baltics and CEE. 

Rasa Grambaitė - Pusčienė

Founder | Attorney at Law

+370 64041037


Rasa Grambaitė-Pusčienė is an experienced attorney at law and a passionate litigator. Throughout 13 years of her legal career she has successfully handled a number of business disputes, and also accompanied her clients throughout the full legal cycle of their business ventures.


Rasa studied Law and obtained her master degree from Vilnius University. She started practicing law while still a student at university and continued gaining valuable experiences working at the top law firms in the Baltics and CEE. Rasa was admitted to the Lithuanian Bar in 2014.


Her main aim is to meet the highest professional and ethical standards in assisting her clients. She is well known and appreciated for her professional close-to-client approach, sincere dedication to clients‘ matters and a very effective working style.


Rasa is also a keen contributor to the larger legal community: she often reads lectures in the areas of her expertise, is invited as a speaker to events and conferences, as well as is an active member of the Lithuanian Bar Association and its advisory committee.

About the Law Firm

LITGET is a dispute resolution boutique that thrives on assisting businesses in complex litigation and arbitration cases. By providing risk assessment and management LITIGET also takes care of the full legal side of business strategies and transactions. Clients’ business success goes first. 


LITGET has acquired an extensive experience through handling domestic and international business disputes, which informs a tailored strategy serving to preserve our clients’ most valuable assets: time, money and peace of mind. Start-ups, crypto businesses, experienced holding companies, well established IT entities have already chosen LITIGET as their reliable partner.  

Rasa has stated it as her mission to preserve her clients’ most valuable assets: time, money and peace of mind. That’s why LITIGET's services are guided by prioritizing the clients’ needs and focusing on finding the most effective approach and strategy for delivering the best possible result. Rasa always aims at maximizing her client’s success and is appreciated by clients for her high professional and ethical standards, as well as a very sincere dedication to her clients’ legal needs.


The three guiding mottos of Rasa are:

  • Focus on serving, not selling

  • You don’t need a big firm for a big result

  • Do not expect. Inspect

The Founder's Approach

Who We Are

A law boutique for business. An experienced legal partner that focus on managing risks and challenges affecting clients' success. A dedicated counsel handling clients' disputes in the most efficient way.

Clients' Feedback

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